I've got another suggestion for raindrop that might be worth the effort to implement.
Some people (like me) keep a lot of bookmarks, lots of them.
In the end, some of these bookmarks tend to be useless or not being used a lot, thus filling up a lot of resources, space, and making the bookmark collection more chaotic.
To find out manually which bookmarks are useful or are consulted frequently would ask quite a lot of time and effort from people, which they most of the time don't have.
Wouldn't it be worth considering adding some kind of statistics feature, to show how frequently a bookmark was searched for or opened, or what the last time was when you opened this bookmark?
This way, we can easily see which bookmarks seem to be useless after a while, and easier clean these up and create some order and structure in our bookmarks again.
Many thanks for taking the time to read this and listen to feedback from your customers.