I have a bookmark collection which i built up for several years know. Today i'd chosen different tags here and there and i'd like to tidy up my collection. I imagine a tool which can do:
  1. Define criteria: contains tag, does not contain tag, is (not) in collection, ...
  2. Define actions: rename tag, add tag, remove tag, ...
The tool walks through all my collections and applies the actions to all bookmarks that match the criteria.
  1. Criteria: contains tag "machine" and contains tag "learning"
  2. Actions: remove tag "machine" and remove tag "learning" and add tag "machine learning"
  1. Criteria: contains tag "photo" and is in collection "arts"
  2. Actions: rename tag "photo" to "photography"
This is basically an extended feature request of "Merge Tags" because that would be possible too with this approach.